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More than VPS
Order any SSD hosting plan and get 100 GB Storage Cloud for free!

Guaranteed resources

We hate liars. If you are buying something, you should get what you’ve ordered. And with Getspace and its KVM virtualization, you will. No hidden fees, no lies, the same CPU and RAM resources that you bought. We promise.

Unlimited traffic

Be as popular as you want. We give you no limits for our awesome 1 Gb/s bandwidth. What does it mean? You can have as many visitors as you want without any additional fees. Transfer your data freely.

Hassle-free move

Are you already using VPS? Don’t be shy, come here. We can easily move your eShop or other digital projects to our system. For free. Without making any changes. Just a few secs and you are in the better place!

No vendor lock-in

You can easily move your operations out to another provider in the future. Only the best performing servers in the world or you are free to leave. We are proud nobody has ever done that so far.

Premium infrastructure

All our data centers are Tier III certified, which ensures the highest security and reliability. They are located close to the main optic cables connection point in Europe. This gives you the lowest possible latency and a premium 1 Gbit/s bandwidth. Not good enough? It could even be increased to 10 Gbit/s upon your request.


Hard drives are a thing of the past. SSD NVMe – the future. With a much greater speed and less unpleasant crashes, it will take your high traffic projects or systems to a totally new performance level.

HDD vs. SSD vs. NVMe

Maximum Speeds

What else is awesome?

We give more than you think!

Powerful hardware

Our newest generation computers use super powerful 3.2 GHz hardware. Together with SSD NVMe, it really kicks the asses of other providers. Srsly. Awesome speed and performance are guaranteed.

100% uptime guarantee

100% uptime guarantee on all products! Each day of disturbance would be rewarded with one week of free service!


You can’t predict all things in life. That’s why we’ll save your VPS copy at our place. In case of a bad day, just contact us and we will easily restore everything you had.

Choice of any apps/OS

We’ll automatically install your chosen operating system after you’ve ordered the VPS service. Freedom to choose what you want and need.

Instant provisioning

Enough waiting. We give you VSP instantly after buying it. Order it now – use it now. Simple as that!

Root access

You‘re the boss. VPS is yours to keep and manage. We’ll give you an administrative access so you can easily make changes by yourself. Because, hey, you know your needs best!


Did your project grow up? We all do. Change your plan to the better one – with much more space, CPU, and RAM. Without any troubles.

24/7 security and DDOS monitoring

We don’t ask if you need it. You do. It will save your VPS from DDoS attacks. 24/7. Keep your server safe and under control.


With a super convenient control panel, it has never been easier to manage your VSP. Even for the beginners.

Unlimited MySQL

Say bye-bye to restrictions – with Getspace you can have as many MySQL databases as you need – we truly won’t limit the number of your projects. What can be better!

Unlimited email accounts

You know that Getspace will give you all the space you need. No limits for emails either. Have as many email accounts as you want.

Monitoring and configuration 24/7

Don’t worry about anything. We’re tracking the VPS network loads all day, seven days a week, so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises or crashes.

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Additional things you can order from us

cPanel/DA licenses

Thanks to Getspace, you can get the most popular control panels for a much better price. Just choose one.

LiteSpeed licenses

Get a much faster and more advanced Apache HTTP Server alternative – LiteSpeed. For a really great price!

Server installation service

Time is precious, don’t waste it. You can easily order your server installation, preparation, customization or adaptation at Getspace.

Management service

Let the professionals do their job. From tracking and updating to optimizing and storing, it all can be done by our people. No interferences, no troubles. All fixed by us.

More IP addresses

If you need it, you can have it. Getspace offers the possibility of purchasing additional IP addresses. A few taps and you have more than one!

Personal Backup

Do the backup by yourself. If something goes wrong, you can easily restore everything you had. No waiting, no stress. Think about that. It’s pretty cool.

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